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Why Choose Water Heater SD?

Water Heater SD is a trusted, local business that specializes in providing world-class water heater replacement, repair, and installation services to commercial and residential clients around San Diego.

Our team is experienced and has the necessary knowledge and expertise to handle all types of water heater replacement projects, including gas water heaters, electric water heaters, conventional water heaters, and tankless water heaters.

No project is too large or too small for our professional team to handle. We’ll work closely with you to ensure the project is completed to your satisfaction. We utilize industry-standard practices and high-quality equipment to complete replacements quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

Whether your water heater is broken or you simply want to upgrade to a better option, we understand that time is of the essence. Our team is ready and available to complete your water heater installation project as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality.

  • Round The Clock Repair

    Day or night, rain or shine, our team is available to handle your water heater replacement needs. You can count on us to arrive on time and work quickly to restore your hot water.

  • Experienced

    There is no substitute for experience, and our team of repairmen has a long history of experience working with clients in San Diego.

  • High Quality Customer Service

    We pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer service. We carefully listen to all of your questions and concerns to ensure your needs are fully satisfied.


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Looking to upgrade to a tankless water heater? Want to switch from gas to electric? Our team can handle any type of water heater replacement project. Whatever you need, we can deliver it.


Everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of high-quality water heater replacement services, which is why we aim to offer the most competitive rates possible.

Residential Or Commercial

Whether you’re a San Diego resident or a business owner, our experienced team can tackle projects of any size.

Water Heater Installation San Diego
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Expert Water Heater Replacement Services

Upgrading to a new water heater is a great way to save money and reduce your carbon footprint by switching to a more energy-efficient solution. At Water Heater SD, we pride ourselves in helping customers in San Diego achieve these benefits by delivering professional water heater replacement and repair services.

We work with several different types of water heaters, including:

  • Conventional Water Heaters
  • Tankless Water Heaters
  • Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heaters
  • Electric Water Heaters
  • Gas Water Heaters

Corrosion, water damage, sediment build-up, and general wear and tear can take a toll on your water heater. When this happens, it’s important to replace the water heater as soon as possible to ensure you don’t lose your hot water or worse.

If you need to replace your water heater, don’t hesitate to call Water Heater SD to take advantage of our professional services.

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